MerkleTrees.jl, BitConverter.jl and Secp256k1.jl

Three packages: MerkleTrees.jl, BitConverter.jl and Secp256k1.jl have recently been released in an effort to split Bitcoin.jl code in several sub-packages that may be used independently.


  • BitConverter.jl functions, converting integer to bytes array and back, and previously provided by ECC.jl were widely by several other modules even not dealing with ECC at all. It was therefore a more than logical step to move that code out and have an independent package that may be extended for conversion of other base data types.
  • MerkleTrees.jl is another example of functions that may be used outside of Bitcoin. Its code was simply moved out of Bitcoin.jl an lives now as a standalone package.
  • Secp256k1.jl was born from a simplification of ECC.jl and focuses solely on elliptic curve operations on such curve. It was also design with Schnorr in mind by using parametric Signature and KeyPair types.