MerkleTrees.jl, BitConverter.jl and Secp256k1.jl

Three packages: MerkleTrees.jl, BitConverter.jl and Secp256k1.jl have recently been released in an effort to split Bitcoin.jl code in several sub-packages that may be used independently.


  • BitConverter.jl functions, converting integer to bytes array and back, and previously provided by ECC.jl were widely by several other modules even not dealing with ECC at all. It was therefore a more than logical step to move that code out and have an independent package that may be extended for conversion of other base data types.
  • MerkleTrees.jl is another example of functions that may be used outside of Bitcoin. Its code was simply moved out of Bitcoin.jl an lives now as a standalone package.
  • Secp256k1.jl was born from a simplification of ECC.jl and focuses solely on elliptic curve operations on such curve. It was also design with Schnorr in mind by using parametric Signature and KeyPair types.


Programming Bitcoin by Jimmy Song is now ported to Julia

With version 0.1.10 Bitcoin.jl brings all function seen in Programming Bitcoin by Jimmy Song to Julia.

Subsequent version will focus on improving code structure to ease maintenance and improvements. JuliaDB support will then be added to allow for blockchain analysis in pure Julia.

Bitcoin.jl v0.1.6

Bitcoin.jl v0.1.6 has just been released, including op_checkmultisig and p2sh support

Please see GitLab for source code or just use Pkg.add("Bitcoin")

Full node on NAS

Check out this simple tutorial on to setup a full node on Synology NAS in just a few clicks.


Special thanks to @jimmysong for the mention in Off Chain

ECC.jl v0.2.1

Version 0.2.1 has been released bringing along performance improvement and error correction.

See GitLab for details

Elliptic Curve Cryptography for Julia

I'm proud to announce the first Julia package release for the wider Bitcoin.jl: ECC, handling scep256k1 signature and verification specifically.

Source code is available on GitLab


Bitcoin.jl - A Bitcoin library written in Julia

Brane did start the development of a Bitcoin library written in Julia for later integration: Bitcoin.jl

Naturellement free software.


The Case for a Crypto-Portfolio Management Tool


This document explores problems faced by crypto-investors for managing their investments.
It argues in favor of a portfolio management tool, Brane, describes its required functionalities and set a road map for future extensions.

Hello World is up and running.

This is hopefully just the beginning!