Brane project slowly took shape during years trading cryptocurrencies, sometimes failing to, sometimes catching the momentum, sometimes not knowing total portfolio value, performance or other rather important details... Managing portfolio with calculation sheets has not proven to be very practical, even if automated as much as possible; it clearly did not feat portfolio management requirements.

In other words, Brane is first thought to simplify portfolio operation with an open source software that anyone can run from home. However and along the development process it did appear that JuliaLang did not have any package readily available to deal with Bitcoin in general and therefore Brane is so far focusing on creating a Bitcoin package ecosystem for Julia.

Brane is a personal project for which I have resigned paid work and dedicate my entire time while studying to catch up on missing knowledge. Contribution, donation, investment or anything else that would contribute at making this project a reality is welcome, feel free to contact me.

You may check on my LinkedIn profile for more details about myself.

Brane is committed to open source software